Glade Sense and Spray Teardown

In a recent article, I went over how to use the Glade automatic air freshener for your own purposes – triggering a camera in this case.  Per some of the comments on this site and elsewhere, there is some interest … Continue reading

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Trigger Your Camera Using Automatic Air Freshener Parts

Per an earlier post, Glade was nice enough to provide a very hackable set of components in their “automatic spray” air freshener.  Once I had the components in hand, an obvious use was for a remote camera trigger.  After some … Continue reading

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Hacking a Glade Automatic Spray air Freshener

According to my Youtube statistics, about 90% of my audience is male.  My mom is a big fan of this site, so if you’re not her there’s a good chance that you’re a guy.  Given this, you may not have … Continue reading

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