Stop Motion Animation with Post-it notes

The process that I used to make this video is explained pretty well in this post (with other videos) .  Here’s another video that I made using stop motion animation:

Using post it notes came from seeing something like this on youtube – a quick search reveals that as of today there are over 5,120 videos having something to do with “post it stop motion” on that site.  Apparently Continue reading

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ENV2 Camera Phone TRIPOD mount

The ENV2 tripod in all it's glory

The ENV2 tripod in all it's glory. The "holder" is a 2x4 with a 1/2 inch slot milled in it.

As discussed in this post, I recently made some custom mounting hardware for my phone.  Although a wooden block seemed sufficient at the time, I’ve been trying out some stop-motion techniques and purchased a tripod.  Making my ENV2 mount compatible was a simple matter of drilling and tapping the bottom of the wood for a 1/4 – 20 screw.  Most tripods accept this screw and mine was no exception. Continue reading

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Drawing a Circle with GIMP using “border select”

I use GIMP to illustrate many of my projects, but one thing that’s seemingly difficult to do is draw a circle.  I don’t have to point out the benefits to using this “feature”, so here is the video tutorial that I made:

This “border selection” technique illustrated here can also Continue reading

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Finishing your MAME project

MAME setup with tools and other junk on it

Functional, but not presentable

In a previous post, I went over making your MAME controller functional using an encoder from Groovy Game Gear.  This setup wasn’t quite finished though, as it had no back cover, the USB cord wasn’t properly secured, and the outside was simply bare wood.  Hopefully this post can show you how to turn your project into something that will not only function, but also look presentable.

back plate being installed on "MAME box"

A fourth side was installed

The first thing needed was to put a back cover on the box.  I had built a cornhole set using 1/2 inch plywood, so while at Home Depot, I had a strip cut to the height of the box (around 3 1/2 inches).  Cutting the long side to length of the box (around 23 3/4 inches), I had a piece that could be simply screwed on and taken off if maintenance was needed.  For these #8 wood screws, I used a 1/8 inch pilot bit to drill through the cover and the plywood it would screw into.  I then used Continue reading

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Stop Motion with GIMP, A Milling Machine, and an Env2

Here’s the results of quite a bit of work; I’ll explain how it was done and show my first video using stop motion animation after the break.

Jason Underwood, who writes for Broken Bulb Comedy, collaborated on this video after grilling some hot dogs.  The pictures for this were shot in 640 x 480 resolution which avoided some conversion hassles.  “More mustard!” – Jason

Continue reading

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Draftsight has Expired/Is not licensed? How to fix it.

This is now officially hosted at:  This site is no longer updated.

Today I booted up Draftsight to open a .dxf file, but it was not usable.  The following message came up:

Drafsight - "this product is not licensed or has expired"Fortunately I had a model I could use in ProE, but not having Draftsight would be a bit inconvenient.  Long story short to fix this, I uninstalled Draftsight, re-downloaded the program from Dassault’s website and reinstalled it.  It then worked without me even having to register again.  Continue reading

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MAME using an encoder

Wireless keyboard used for mame.  Only internals shown.

Ripping out the wireless encoder

After a marginally successful attempt at building a “wireless MAME” device using an old keyboard, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and simply buy an encoder.  Although the original setup did work as a wireless controller for very simple games like Pacman and Galaga, any more than 6 buttons (including four for the joystick) seemed to be beyond the capabilities of my controller (at least how I had it set up).

my MAME setup playing SFII

Finally finished and usable with an encoder

A quick search for MAME encoder reveals quite a few sources of encoders to substitute for your hacked-up keyboard.  I finally settled on “Groovy Game Gear’s” GP-Wiz40 encoder because you could buy it prewired for your buttons with spade connectors (no solder required).  Also, it has rotary encoder support which may be useful at some point in the future.  I bought wiring for up to 30 switches Continue reading

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