Drawing a Circle with GIMP using “border select”

I use GIMP to illustrate many of my projects, but one thing that’s seemingly difficult to do is draw a circle.  I don’t have to point out the benefits to using this “feature”, so here is the video tutorial that I made:

This “border selection” technique illustrated here can also be used with the “square select” or “free select” tool to draw a square, rectangle, or whatever shape you like.  I used the “bucket fill” tool on the middle of these shapes as well as the borders.

shapes drawn with GIMP

Shapes drawn with GIMP with "border select"

Not exactly a Matisse, but you get the point.  If you want to illustrate a project, drawing circles or squares around something you want to highlight would be essential.  Check out my other GIMP tutorials, especially this one about dimensioning your projects using layers.

About Jeremy S Cook

Jeremy is an engineer with 10 years experience at his full-time profession, and has a BSME from Clemson University. Outside of work he’s an avid maker and experimenter, building anything that comes into his mind!
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