How a Pencil Sharpener Became a Drill, or “To Grandmother’s House we Go With no Drill”

A reader who prefers not to register with WordPress but instead writes for Broken Bulb Comedy, submitted the following story about a hack he made.  While at his Grandmother’s house, he needed to install some safety railing, but didn’t have the necessary tools.  Rather than giving up, he came up with this innovative solution.  We’ll refer to him as “Little Red” as this person was at Grandma’s house at the time.  We’ve also transposed this hack into a nursery rhyme after the video as it sounds to me like it should be one.

drill made from pencil sharpener

pencil sharpener based drill

LR: “While visiting my grandmother I realized that I needed a drill for a project. I looked all through her garage for one, but realized that the last visit we packed up all of her tools and mailed them back to my house. ”

JC:  “While off at my Grandma’s I looked all through the house, not a tool or drill press was stirring, no not even for a mouse.”

LR: “I still needed a drill so I decided to just make one. I looked around for something to use, and saw an old pencil sharpener. I took the grinders off of it, and afixed a bit into their place. ”

JC: “I looked and looked for something to use, but found only a pencil sharpener, oh that was bad news!  Taking grinders off and attaching a bit, it seemed that this tool might be a good fit.”

LR: “I put a brass fitting around the bit to keep it centered. I tried wire to keep the bit tight, but that didn’t work well. A screw clamp I found worked a lot better. Adding tiny pieces of wood helped add to the grip.”

pencil sharpener drill view 2

another view of the pencil sharpener drill

JC: “Into the night and using a clamp, I worked and worked by the light of a lamp.  Tiny pieces of wood were the final touch, I used it for Grandma, she said thanks so much!'”

JC: So all rhyming aside, this is a pretty cool invention as LR needed something he didn’t have and rigged up what seems to be a pretty viable solution with very few tools.  I suppose they had a hardware store near there somewhere (they were in New Jersey, not exactly an unpopulated area), but that wouldn’t have been nearly as cool.


About Jeremy S Cook

Jeremy is an engineer with 10 years experience at his full-time profession, and has a BSME from Clemson University. Outside of work he’s an avid maker and experimenter, building anything that comes into his mind!
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3 Responses to How a Pencil Sharpener Became a Drill, or “To Grandmother’s House we Go With no Drill”

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  2. arto says:

    Groovy re-use 🙂

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